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WOW! The worst thing about traveling over the holidays is making sure you have everything…presents, projects to finish in order to give as a present, clean house, grocery shop for boyfriend who is not going with you, get tickets from Train Station, order new CTA card(that one is already done thanks to smart phones, I was able to order a new right when I realized that I lost my other one), few minor errands… then get up at 4am so I can get my train at 7:30am.


Cooking went well. It’s fun to spend a day cooking with your boyfriend. I’m up and making some coffee and oatmeal. Everything is packed and got my knitting all organized… whew! I know I’m going to be with my family for two weeks but I’m having a little bit of separation anxiety from leaving the girls(cats) and the boy.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

Merry Christmas…

Live Long and Prosper


The things we do for our friends. I’m so incredibly happy to do it, though. It just sucks to be up this early. PLUS, I’m fighting a cold. 

As I stepped out of the shower this morning(I know, I should have taken one last night, but I just wanted sleep), I grabbed my towel and heard my alarm going off. I hurried to wrap myself, mostly for warmth, and run to shut it off before it woke The Boy. In my hurried frenzie, my underwear fell in the toilet! *sigh* Whose underwear fall in toilets? *raises hand disgustedly* Mine!  

What kind of day am I in for today? 

Live Long and Prosper!

Let me update you on my life.

Thursday: Work at 8:30 am. Getting excited for my trip to Detroit for my friends Bachlorette Party. It’s not going to be raunchy, pirate themed, so it will be rowdy! I’m finally starting to get some projects at work. I work on those, check out some blogs(WeaselMomma [cuz I can’t get enough] and VodkaMom [cuz she’s too funny too]), and chit chat with co-workers.

On my way home, I’m so excited because I have decided what to make for dinner and I only have to pick up 2 things from the store. I get home, prepare dinner, wait for my man to come home, feed him, decide that I haven’t seen my cat in a while so I look under the couch(his favorite hiding place from The Boy) and see that he is not there. I start to panic. Where is he? Did he get caught in the closet? No. Is he under the sink? No. Oh god… oh god… oh god… where is my baby? Now for those of you who have a connection of any kind with anything you love you’ll know my panic. I was freaking out. Completely hysterical. The Boy tried his best to keep me calm and try to stay optimistic  but I knew better. We walked outside, around the block, looked under cars, called his name, left signs in the building…etc…. I cried my eyes out. I had such a special connection to that cat… he was my buddy. My heart was broken.

Three days after I moved into my apartment, The Boy and I witnessed a cat fall/jump from the porch of one of the apartments on my floor to the sidewalk below. He didn’t survive. I had a feeling that is what happened to my beautiful boy. The Boy had left the door open to the porch to get some air in the place. He didn’t realize that the screen door wasn’t latched tightly. My little buddy walked out onto the porch, when he couldn’t get back in, he jumped. The Boy found him in the dumpster behind my apartment.  I still have a tough time in the mornings. That was our time to bond with out The Boy being around. Now he’s gone. His beautiful face… his charming personality… he was such a comfort to me when times were hard… and a joyous friend when things were wonderful. He listened without judgement, never told me I was fat, never complained that my feet were cold…. *sigh* I’ll miss him SO much.

Friday: I spent a lot of time crying. Especially in the morning. I kept myself together for a better part of the day at work. I got my hair cut…now I FINALLY have a haircut that I can live with. This  is the link where I talk about my crappy hair cut… Got home and started packing for my weekend trip. I was leaving Saturday morning, early. I wanted to make a casserole for The Boy so he had something to eat for the weekend, I needed to complete laundry, and finish packing. I got everything ready and set it aside for the morning. Then I settled down and fell asleep.

Saturday morning(6am): I’m up and ready for the trip. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. I’m out the door and in a cab and on my way to Union Station. The train leaves at 8:30am and I’m ready! Train leaves the station and I call my friend to tell her that I am on my way. She calls me back about an hour later and says, “where are you on your way to?” Turns out the Bachlorette Party isn’t until NEXT weekend! GRRRRR…. well, more like *MOAN*. I’m so emotionally drained at this point that I just want to teleport back to Chicago. So, I turn around in Kalamazoo, sit in the station for 3 hours waiting for the train back to Chi-town and knit, The Boy meets me at the station in Chicago, I realize that I left my gloves on the train, beg for them to let me back to get them(they do! and the guy who helped me got a  GREAT BIG HUG! THANK YOU AMTRAK), then The Boy and I make a bee-line to the bar. At 7:30pm we are finally back home and in bed… of course I pass out…

The rest of the weekend was relatively uneventful. Sunday morning was spent in tears over the loss of my beautiful cat. Church was okay. The Boy and I made Baked Potato Soup(YUMMY!) and drank beer….. then sleep. I’m really exhausted today. Can’t imagine why….

Live Long and Prosper.