I finished all my¬†Christmas¬†knitting! I can’t believe I did it, but I did. I finished my mom’s socks on Christmas morning. I didn’t bother wrapping them. I’m a little disappointed in them actually. I’ll tell you more about them later. I just wanted to jump on and wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and complain….lol

My complaint…I need clothes. One of the reasons that I don’t like shopping is because I can’t find anything that fits. I need a nice white button down blouse. One that doesn’t have a crap load of extra shirt that pulls out of what ever I have it tucked into whenever I lift my arms…And sleeves long enough that it doesn’t look like I’m trying to pull the high-water look on my arms(seriously…I have long arms. I have to buy XL just to get the length!). I have a GC to Macy’s. I’ll have a go, but I need people to help me find what I’m looking for. Do you think I’ll find someone knowledgeable enough to help me find the perfect blouse? I HIGHLY doubt it! If there are any fashion shows out there that need a victim… email me. I’m desperate and so full of material to fill up a show that it’s not even funny! I still have (and wear) clothes from when I was in college! I can’t help it… lack of money causes me to keep EVERYTHING! Lack of fashion sense causes me to hate shopping. I also have a BF that is so stylish it puts me to shame… I need help…


Live Long and Prosper!