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I finished all my Christmas knitting! I can’t believe I did it, but I did. I finished my mom’s socks on Christmas morning. I didn’t bother wrapping them. I’m a little disappointed in them actually. I’ll tell you more about them later. I just wanted to jump on and wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and complain….lol

My complaint…I need clothes. One of the reasons that I don’t like shopping is because I can’t find anything that fits. I need a nice white button down blouse. One that doesn’t have a crap load of extra shirt that pulls out of what ever I have it tucked into whenever I lift my arms…And sleeves long enough that it doesn’t look like I’m trying to pull the high-water look on my arms(seriously…I have long arms. I have to buy XL just to get the length!). I have a GC to Macy’s. I’ll have a go, but I need people to help me find what I’m looking for. Do you think I’ll find someone knowledgeable enough to help me find the perfect blouse? I HIGHLY doubt it! If there are any fashion shows out there that need a victim… email me. I’m desperate and so full of material to fill up a show that it’s not even funny! I still have (and wear) clothes from when I was in college! I can’t help it… lack of money causes me to keep EVERYTHING! Lack of fashion sense causes me to hate shopping. I also have a BF that is so stylish it puts me to shame… I need help…


Live Long and Prosper!


This holiday, I’m determined to have my presents knit by Christmas. The universe seems to have different plans. *sigh*

When I asked my mom over the summer what she wanted for Christmas, she said “nothing”. That doesn’t help me. Maybe I should have listened to her. The problems I’ve had working on these socks is monumental. I can’t believe I haven’t given up yet.

This is what I bought      It’s Knit Picks Stroll Sport Sock yarn in Marti Gras. It came in October some time and has been sitting in little plastic baggies until I was ready to cast on. That didn’t last long as I think I cast on that weekend. First while casting on, (2@a time) I cast on one inside out. Second try; It turns out that I made them too  big and I had screwed up on the cables. So I frogged it and started over. I hate frogging, but these are for my mom so she can have warm feet on the days she has playground duty, or just keep her feet warm in the house (my parents house tends to be a bit on the cold side).

So I got started on the third try. I was booking along with the toe increases (I knit toe-up) and then my needles break (order to be done by christmas I needed to knit 2 at a time so I made the decision to not use my DPNs). My 47in cord broke. I thought I might be able to fix it, so I super glued it and used clear nail polish to smooth out the sanded areas. I think I got through a round then set it aside as I had another project I was working on.

So there I am, knitting and chilling watching some TV and I get up to get something to drink and I see a string stretching from my dinning room to my bedroom. Uh, oh. This can’t be good. The kitten….(pictured below)

She just looks innocent.

Don't let her innocence fool you, she's a yarn killer!

had decided that she would play with the contents of my knitting bag which just happened to be two balls of the above mentioned yarn. She had turned it into a rats nest. ARGH!

So I forged ahead. I tried to knit another round when LOW and BEHOLD! my needles break AGAIN!

I put the socks aside and vow to myself to invest in a NICE pair of circs. It’s vital to the completion of my Christmas knitting. I head down to the not-so-local-to-me-but-super-helpful LYS to pick up some Addi Circs. I completely convinced myself that I needed 40s instead of 47s. I was wrong. WAY too short….well, 7 inches too short. Did you know that it’s illegal to return knitting needles in this state? WTH? I walked out with my correct size needles anyway and headed home….after a quick stop to buy some Pattons Classic which was on sale at Michael’s and will soon be a present for my Dad.

I spent the afternoon winding and untangling purple yarn and getting my socks back on circs. I have pictures of all of this but we had a computer melt down this week and the card reader for the camera is not connected and since this is the Boy’s area, I’m not touching anything I’m not completely sure of.

Hopefully the saga of those socks are done…

BUT THEN…. the Yarn Killer (see pictured above) got a hold of my already knit socks which were blocking and pulled out this long loop that took me an hour and a half to re-incorporate back into the sock! ARGH!

Hope you are having better luck with your holiday knitting!

Live Long and Prosper!

I was just listening to this and it seemed like a funny title. This post has nothing really to do with Jimmy Hendrix but WOW wasn’t that man talented? I think Hey Joe is my favorite., I swatched last night. I never swatch. Actually, I swatched once but I’m pretty sure that it’s wrong. I measured across instead of up…I plead ignorance. I’m pretty sure that the hat I swatched for is too big. 😦

Swatch for KISS socks

This swatch was just to see how the ‘K’ would look. I’m pretty sure that they are going to be black with silver beads. I’m meeting with my fellow KISS accomplice to work out a pattern.

I’m working on something for my newest swap on Ravelry. It’s pirate themed. I’m working on some fingerless gloves and I’m trying for a cat O’nine tails. I had this vision in my head of a knit one with a really wide I-cord, but that didn’t work out. I-cords really are for only 3-4 stitches… they don’t look that good if they are 20 stitches. So, it’s being crocheted.

I’m going to ask my fellow KISS accomplice to help me design a set of fingerless gloves for myself. 🙂 A friend brought me this beautiful yarn from Prince Edward Island and I’m keeping it for myself. I have this book and I plan on making something soft, warm and smooshy! 🙂

What does this want to be?

This is my next dilemma. I have had this yarn for YEARS and I would like to make something with it but I’m not sure what. It’s a worsted weight navy blue with a little bit of a shimmer to it when it’s knit up. It slips right off Addis. I haven’t been able to translate it’s wishes. Can anyone help me? I lost the band a while ago but I think it may be Bernat.

For size I used a quarter because I’m saving all my pennies for Sock Summit ’11.

That is all for today…

Live Long and Prosper.

THIS is the sock that KISS held. This is my own design…not really much of a design really….more the embellishments are my idea…the sock is knit pretty plainly.

The KISS sock....

With Knit Picks Felici Self Striping Yarn in Matador, I cast on using the figure 8 cast on for the toe, increased until I got 66 stitches on all four needles. I took the heart chart from Wendy Johnson’s Hearts and Flowers (Rav Link) sock pattern. Then I knit until the heel and used her short row heel. After the heel, I knit a few plain rounds then started adding beads at random….kinda. There was a little method to my madness. When I ran out of beads (which I put on with a small tatting hook) I used Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted sock yarn in Enchanted Forest, knit a few plain rounds then used the picot bind-off. This isn’t blocked yet…but I promised a picture. I’m pretty darn proud of this. I call it “Love in Strawberry Fields”. It’s a Christmas present for my sister who is a HUGE Beatles fan. I think she’ll like them. 🙂

Live Long and Prosper!

migraines and menstrual cramping can really put a damper on your ability to think and knit. I haven’t been able to wind the yarn that will finish the sock. I’ll be doing that this morning while coffee is brewing and watching BtVS. 🙂 I also need to find this bind-off I heard about….so, sorry for the build-up and disappointment. I promise it will be worth it. (in a sing-songy voice) There are beads! 🙂

Live Long and Prosper.

and now….. the rest of the story.

Which, if you ask me is the best part!

Thanks to all of you who came from The Yarn Harlot’s site! I really enjoyed reading your comments! The build up to “the picture” was probably the best part of the story…other than being on Stephanie’s blog! 🙂 So, here’s the story….

Two Sunday’s ago, late in the night (read WAY past my bedtime) I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I check my phone for the time and see I have a text message. It’s from Lindsay and she asked me if I wanted to go to a KISS concert. Now, I haven’t been to a rock concert in ages suddenly I’m going to break the celibacy with KISS? The boy comes in from burning the midnight oil and I tell him. I decide that this might be a fun adventure…I’m ALWAYS down for an adventure and I tell her I’d love to go.

Skip ahead to Thursday…Thursdays at noon are Knitting Lunch.

Of course, I ask how she got the tickets. See, she’s new in town…like FRESH…like still finding her way around (she knows yarn stores and the grocery store, ya know, the staples) so I figured that she had to have some sort of hook up. She did, the band. Yes, the band… like the band as in KISS! NO WAY! Yup.

So Thursday night, I’m cleaning up around the house and I have this BRILLIANT idea! How incredibly cool would it be IF I could get a sock picture with KISS? I explain this idea to The Boy and he seemed skeptical. That’s cool…I’m still gonna try it. My thinking here is that this whole sock picture could not happen at all, if it doesn’t then I’ve started my Christmas knitting early…AWESOME! If I do get a picture, then I GET A SOCK PICTURE WITH KISS AND I GET STARTED ON MY CHRISTMAS KNITTING! It’s a Win/Win!  Now to decide what color to start with… the only option was Pink! (Knit Picks Felici in Matador my own cobbled together sock pattern…mind you the THIRD pair of socks I’ve ever knit. 10 year veteran here peeps and suddenly I find myself addicted to socks.)


We head down to the concert. On the way, I fess up to the sock plan and get a very encouraging reply!  She’s been witness to my new fan-girl attitude with the Harlot so I figured she’d understand. We get to Will Call. Our tickets aren’t there yet. BOO! So we stand around waiting for them to show up. We see TONS of KISS fans in all shades of dress and makeup. THIS is the best one of the night….


I won’t go into detail of the older man in the cod piece…

So, back up to Will Call we go. She tells us that she has our tickets and comes back with a bulging white envelope. When she pulls out the All Access passes I did a little celebration dance! (Hey, I’m there with knitting, I’m not beyond a celebration dance in public!)  The guys behind us did that defeated sigh thing. Here we are, two “wholesome” looking girls and WE get the passes… hahaha. I almost resorted to childhood mocking (Na na na na na!) but my adult side won over.

Neither one of us knew how these magic plastic passes worked. We started walking around to find our way backstage. It was amazing how we just walked past people and they didn’t say a thing…NOT. A. THING. We kept waiting for someone to tell us that we didn’t belong there, but that never happened. Oh…the POWER! 🙂

After a little bit of a wait (I knit on the sock, it’s the rule!) and a few questions, we were led to this tent. Now, here is where things become a little mixed with excitement and disappointment. See, we had hoped that since Lindsay knew one of them personally we would get to at least have a quick ‘Hi’ and a picture with him before the concert. Well, this tent was where they were doing a “meet and greet”. We found out that we were getting our pictures taken with the band but we couldn’t do it ourselves. They had hired a photographer to do it for them. Bummer. I looked at Lindsay and asked her if I should still try for the sock picture. I’m starting to think that it might not be a good idea. She’s all gung-ho about it. She’s not letting me back out now, we’ve come too far!

The tent fills up and we wait for the band. After a short wait and many drunk people, in comes the band! Tommy Thayer came in first and Gene Simmons came in last. Now, that man is SCARY up close in his costume. I’ve always been a little frightened of them but with the reality of it all in my face I kinda lost consciousness for a moment. Then suddenly, we find people yelling at us and waving hands in our direction telling us what to do. “FIRST GROUP, HURRY HURRY HURRY!” Lindsay leads the way since she’s the “in” and I follow. As I pass Gene Simmons I see a fist come at my face, I jump a little and look around quickly and realize that he wants a knuckle-bump. Oh! Okay! So, I oblige the scary man in the costume and grab my yarn out of my bag and meekly ask, “Can you hold this?” Before I have the question out of my mouth Eric Singer (the drummer) grabs it from me and holds it. Just the skein, not the needles… So I fumble and say something like “well, uh, actually, can you hold….” then there are people yelling and bright lights and tons of movements so I kind gave up on that and just held it there in front of them. Two pictures and we are told to “MOVE ALONG, HURRY HURRY HURRY! NEXT GROUP!” and we start to walk away shaking hands and thanking them for the passes.

Out side the tent, we stopped. We looked at each other and asked “What just happened? Did we just get a sock picture?”

Awesome Show!

I’ll show you the completed sock tomorrow. 🙂

A little something like this…..

I got a SOCK PICTURE! I think this is my initiation into the knitting realm of coolness!