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WOW! The worst thing about traveling over the holidays is making sure you have everything…presents, projects to finish in order to give as a present, clean house, grocery shop for boyfriend who is not going with you, get tickets from Train Station, order new CTA card(that one is already done thanks to smart phones, I was able to order a new right when I realized that I lost my other one), few minor errands… then get up at 4am so I can get my train at 7:30am.


Cooking went well. It’s fun to spend a day cooking with your boyfriend. I’m up and making some coffee and oatmeal. Everything is packed and got my knitting all organized… whew! I know I’m going to be with my family for two weeks but I’m having a little bit of separation anxiety from leaving the girls(cats) and the boy.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

Merry Christmas…

Live Long and Prosper


Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a great holiday. 

I am currently sitting in bed, next to my drafty windows, watching traffic(vehicular and pedestrian). The boy is sleeping. I am trying to plan my day. I have been up since 3:30am. I have been having troubles sleeping. It started when I was unemployed and I hope that it will soon fix itself. I’m sure that it is for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that I live in a studio apartment with someone who is up all night…. but we’ll get to that later. 

I like my new job. I like that I am involved in changing the way doctors are trained. It’s definitely more important than working for a porn website.(don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any pictures or anything incriminating)  My cubby is on the 24th floor of a high rise downtown Chicago. I would say that it’s about a block or two north of the Loop. I love walking around and looking out the windows. I can see the Trump Failure Tower, the Sears Tower, the Hancock Building, Lake Michigan, Michigan Ave, and the list goes on. When I first moved down here, that was my goal to have a job or an apartment in the Loop/downtown.  Job is more reasonable of the two as it doesn’t require I pay HIGH rent. I’m sure I could qualify for Section 8 if I was really desperate. Anyway, back to my new job. I am mostly reading TONS of manuals and focus group reports. I get to learn something new everyday, that is until the rest of the staff comes back, then it will be a crazy learning cycle. But the moral of this little story is that I like it, the view is amazing, people aren’t drunken assholes like my last job. PLUS, my one boss brings cookies to work every Thursday! How can you hate that???

I got out early yesterday. I had to head to the temp office to pick up my check. It was snowing like crazy(BTW… watching the snow fall from the 24th floor is WAY cooler than watching it from ground level!) and I was walking around downtown. I actually like downtown. It wasn’t too crazy. Which reminds me… ok… backing up a bit… 

So Monday… I head out the door, grab the bus at the corner, transfer to the Red Line. Normally, this would require me standing so close to the guy next to me I can tell what he had for dinner last night. Now, this is the one thing that I like about living in the city…. on holidays, EVERYONE leaves the city!!! So, when I got on the Red Line, I actually had space. THEN… it just gets better!!! When I got off the train, there was hardly anyone in line for the stairs for the street! It was so great! On the way home… I got a seat on train on the ride home! Then, yesterday, it was even better! I miss my family terribly, but I have to find some kind of bonuses.  

It was so nice to finally get a check. It’s not much, but it’s something. This means that I can go to Aldi today and hopefully get some cheap food. There is dust in my fridge. 😦  When I got home last night, I walked in the front door, looked at the mail area, and low and behold, I got a box from my grandma and uncle. Part of me was super excited but then my guilty conscience took over. I have no money to feed myself, and I want so desperately to get gifts for everyone. 😦 Next year, I keep telling myself, next year. 

So inside the box, my uncle sent me some cool new slippers, I got a box from grandma which remains unopened until Christmas, and a box of chocolates and nuts from Heggy’s  . I HIGHLY suggest checking out the site. It’s the best chocolate, aside from Swiss chocolate, or German chocolate, or Spanish chocolate. They make the best variety boxes. Everything from chocolate covered marshmallows(the big ones) to nougat filled ones. SO YUMMY!

Apparently, the boy got me a gift. I feel even more guilty cuz I couldn’t get him anything. So, I shall bake cookies and make a dinner. We plan on getting visiting the Indian neighborhood and then getting drunk. 

There are my plans for the holiday. I hope you all have a great one. Have some extra stuffing for me! 

Live Long and Prosper!