I’ve been on a finishing kick lately. After starting a bunch of projects and leaving them sit, I’ve decided I need to finish…start anew.

First off the list was a pair of socks. I used the Tofu-sties. I hated it. It was awful to knit with on bamboo(which until recently is my favorite needle). then I got a set of Signature DPNs at Sock Summit. WOW! Huge difference. But then it turned out that one sock was WAY larger than the other. So, I did something completely uncharacteristic….I ripped out the sock and re-knit it. That was kind of liberating. Now my boyfriend has a pair of hand knit socks that are the same size. 🙂 So, I got those done.

Then I finished the bear I was working on for my brother and his wife for my new nephew. I started it over a year ago when they called to say that they were expecting. My brother called a week later to tell me that they lost the baby. I was almost done with the bear(Debbie Bliss’ Teddy Bear), so I put him in a plastic baggie and put him away for a happier day! Well, as of August 17th, I have a nephew! I finished the bear this week as well. He turned out adorable.

Next is Evelyn(Rav link). My friend gave me the yarn and the pattern so I could test knit it, but I fell a little behind. This is my first attempt at lace. i screwed up somewhere and it set everything off. 😦 I decided that I need to finish it. I set September 22 as a “MUST FINISH” date. I have one more repeat and then the edging and then I’m done. I think i should have it done by the end of the week.

Then last week I got a skein of Misti Alpaca lace. I couldn’t just let it sit there. I cast on for Wisp(non-Rav Link). I cast on last week and finished it yesterday. It made for great commute knitting. 🙂 I can’t wait to wear it. I’ll need to block it first. I’m going to use this tutorial to make my own lace blocking wires. I have picked out 4 hangers from the closet. I think that should be enough.

Well, Evelyn awaits. Dr. Who is making great company. Currently watching “The Three Doctors” from ’72.  Then back to Eccelston.

Live Long and Prosper!