Christmas knitting is upon me. Actually it’s been upon me since summer, and I started in September but I’m actually accomplishing something and that makes me happy. 🙂 I finished the Beatles socks.

This isn’t the most artistic picture. They still need to be blocked. I put a picot edging on the top to look like leaves and it looks DARN cute! I really liked beading. I want to do some more beading. I’m particularly proud of these because this is my design….out of my own head! 🙂

I also made a cute pair of Saartje’s booties.  I used the leftover yarn from the socks. These are for a friend’s friend who is having a little girl. I made crochet buttons because I couldn’t find any the right size. I love them and it makes me want a baby….kinda.

I’m also working on another design for my mom. A simple 4×2 cabled ribbed sock. They are for her when she has playground duty. 🙂 I have been having troubles with the knitting of these. First when I cast on I used the Judy’s Magic Cast-on and cast on one sock inside out. So I ripped and started over. THEN my circs broke. 😦 The cable broke at the join. No more cheap circs, I’m breaking down and buying some Addis.  My sister-in-law wanted socks too, but it’s just plain vanilla. I broke down and stared those on DPNs. I’m determined to have these presents done by the time I leave for home. At least for my immediate family. I have a scarf to knit for my aunt but I can work on that on the train. I have a lot of travel time to work on that. That one will look similar to this….

Hope that you are getting your shopping/crafting done for Christmas.

Live Long and Prosper!