On the bus last night coming home from work, there was this kid….maybe 18 or 19 years old…he looked rough. If I were to judge by looks, I would have to say that he had some medical problems, was probably homeless, and had some crappy parents. This poor kid was just desperate for a kind word. I knew the moment I sat down he was going to talk to me. I had over-heard a conversation he had with another rider so I knew that he was getting off at the next stop.

I sit down and he asks me how my day was. I told him “Meh. How is yours?” He said it was horrible. I replied that it would be okay and that tomorrow was another day. (Gotta love Scarlett! 🙂 His face kinda lit up and he looked at me and said “I like that. You’re right.” I told him that he gets to start out fresh tomorrow. The poor kid looked beat down by society and just didn’t have the strength to fight anymore. I thank the Lord that He has blessed me with the family and friends that I have and the strength to survive through hardships.

When the kid got off at his stop, I wished him a good day. The man that was sitting in front of me turned around and said to me “You’re very kind.”

Now the kids situation on his own broke my heart but this comment made me cry. At first I was flattered but then I kinda felt bad. What has gone wrong in this society when we have to comment on the kindness of strangers! Shouldn’t you be kind to people everyday? Shouldn’t you want to help out someone who is a little hard up? I have a feeling that a lot of people who really need help and kindness are too scared to say anything for fear of people thinking that they are lazy and taking advantage.

Okay…now, I’m not perfect. The other night as I was walking to the bus stop after choir practice. It was 9ish and I was alone…there was this guy standing out front of the bank. He was begging for change. I didn’t have any. I never carry cash anymore… mostly because I give it away to people like him. So I kindly said “sorry, I don’t have any change.” and he yells back at me “Yeah you do you B****!” Being shocked at the audacity of that man’s situation and his remarkable response I shouted over my shoulder “NO I DON’T! GET A JOB!”

I have no sympathy for someone like that. Like insulting me is going to get you anywhere?

Anyway…I’ve been known to be that person who on her way to work will take a homeless man into the store and buy him a sandwich. Although, I draw the line at cigarettes! When I got home last night and relayed the story of the young kid to the boy (I love him, bless his little heart) he asked me if I had invited him home for dinner. Unfortunately, I said no…. but maybe I should have.

Live Long and Prosper!