I was just listening to this and it seemed like a funny title. This post has nothing really to do with Jimmy Hendrix but WOW wasn’t that man talented? I think Hey Joe is my favorite.

Okay..so, I swatched last night. I never swatch. Actually, I swatched once but I’m pretty sure that it’s wrong. I measured across instead of up…I plead ignorance. I’m pretty sure that the hat I swatched for is too big. 😦

Swatch for KISS socks

This swatch was just to see how the ‘K’ would look. I’m pretty sure that they are going to be black with silver beads. I’m meeting with my fellow KISS accomplice to work out a pattern.

I’m working on something for my newest swap on Ravelry. It’s pirate themed. I’m working on some fingerless gloves and I’m trying for a cat O’nine tails. I had this vision in my head of a knit one with a really wide I-cord, but that didn’t work out. I-cords really are for only 3-4 stitches… they don’t look that good if they are 20 stitches. So, it’s being crocheted.

I’m going to ask my fellow KISS accomplice to help me design a set of fingerless gloves for myself. 🙂 A friend brought me this beautiful yarn from Prince Edward Island and I’m keeping it for myself. I have this book and I plan on making something soft, warm and smooshy! 🙂

What does this want to be?

This is my next dilemma. I have had this yarn for YEARS and I would like to make something with it but I’m not sure what. It’s a worsted weight navy blue with a little bit of a shimmer to it when it’s knit up. It slips right off Addis. I haven’t been able to translate it’s wishes. Can anyone help me? I lost the band a while ago but I think it may be Bernat.

For size I used a quarter because I’m saving all my pennies for Sock Summit ’11.

That is all for today…

Live Long and Prosper.