I’m not very good at keeping secrets, so this should be interesting. I’ve resisted the urge to “friend”  my swapee and resisted the urge to “favorite” her stuff or comment on her blog for fear of giving away the surprise.

For those of you who AREN’T members of Ravelry (a website for people of the fiber persuasion) a swap is where you are matched up with an un-suspecting member of the community to trade home-made and non-homemade goodies with. I spent a lot of time hearing about them and never understood what they were until I saw one on my “LOST” forum. I saw all the awesome things that they were making for other “LOST” forum members and felt that it would definitely be something that I would be interested in. I get to cyber-stalk my spoilee to find out all her favorite things and then I get to shop for her. I get the privilege of filling a medium size USPS box of goodies. I can’t think of anything more fun. I keep forgetting that at the end of this that I will be spoiled too! I’m so excited to start crafting personalized goodies! I can see that this is going to be an addicting hobby.

Our computer has been acting up lately and needed to be re-built. The boy is good like that. It’s up and running and soon we’ll have the software downloaded so I can post more pictures. I have some good ones I can’t wait to share.

Live Long and Prosper