I’m about to embark on an interesting journey.

Over Christmas vacation, I got lucky… SO lucky. I sat next to this VERY interesting man. We talked about almost everything. To be honest, he was quite attractive and I had a fleeting wish that I was single, smart, and super interesting..not to mention cute and sexy. I try not to delude myself, so that line of thought was quickly swept from my mind.

We talked about movies and books…two of my favorite subjects…and apparently his too. We had similar taste in both…that’s a rare find… someone who’s smart, incredibly attractive and has the same nerdy interests as me! If I didn’t know any  better, I would have thought I was in heaven!

One of the books that he suggested, quite insistently, was The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas. He informed me that he heard of this book from a friend of his who had picked it up in England. Seriously, she found it on a park bench somewhere and took it. This book is about a rare old book with rituals. Apparently, a professor comes across the book, performs the rare ritual and disappears. Of course, no one knows why he disappears, that is revealed when the heroine finds the book… this is all in the first chapter so I’m not ruining anything…

Anyway, my extremely attractive friend goes on to tell me that he got creeped out reading it because of the way his friend found the book, then she just hands it to him and tells him to read it, then he passed it on to a friend to read… then he tells me that after I read the book I may freak out to because of the strange circumstance that I found out about the book.

Thanks to the Chicago Public Library, I will be starting this loverly book tonight. I hope to have the same mind-blowing experience as my attractive friend.

He also insistently recommended Avatar…. I have yet to see that….

Live Long and Prosper