In my old life… working for a sonovab****…. I got the wonderful opportunity to organize our participation in trade shows around the country. I fell in love. Then I got the opportunity to attend the largest convenience store trade show in the country… and fell even deeper in love. Maybe it was all the free stuffs, maybe it was all the bright colors, maybe it was all the organization needed, I think it was the perfect storm of all  my favorite things.

This weekend I get the pleasure of attending the National Restaurant Association Trade Show. I am so geeked! I hear it’s a lot larger than the NACS show and more trade related and not so much like an amusement park. I don’t care….there will be food….and beer…and I hope to come home with some free stuffs! 🙂

I have packed our travel mugs with coffee…I have an extra bag tucked away in my purse…and a small knitting project…I’m set. 🙂 I have a free pass for a whole weekend of yummy goodness…. 🙂 I hope the boy still loves me after he sees me go psycho!

Live Long and Prosper!