I should be washing dishes, but I sat down to check Ravelry (I’m so addicted to that site) and thought I should pump out a little post.

I’ve been a busy beaver lately. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken as many pictures as I should have. I spent all last weekend baking for the church. I made this bread pudding with my left over sourdough bread…. Dang, that reminds me I should be baking bread while my asparagus and potatoes cook. I found black truffle salt today at Marshall’s and I couldn’t WAIT to use it on my asparagus.  Oh well, we can go another day with out bread.

I’ve  been crocheting up a storm too. I’ve been designing some small little projects. I can’t get my camera or memory card to work with the computer, so pictures will have t o wait.

Live Long and Prosper.