This afternoon I just finished making lunch and brought it to the living room to eat with my honey. Nothing is better than a simple lunch and a good beer! YUM! He turned on PBS which was playing Nova. Nova was about space. It’s always about space.. it’s like The History Channel and WWII.

Maybe it was the beer, but my mind can’t comprehend the amount of space! They were describing light waves and how the other universes are moving away from us. So Crazy! I wish I could describe the feeling of trying to comprehend something so large.  The closest I can come is to say “heavy”. I get so interested in space and space travel and other galaxies, I wish I could understand it better. I would have liked to be an astronomer in another life, but all that math and discovering things….that’s just not me. I’m more of a cheerleader when it comes to that stuff. I’ll cheer on the people making the discoveries but that’s a lot of pressure.

Well, I wish there were more open dialog on this blog. I like to hear what your thoughts are on space or topics that completely blow your mind (in a good way, not crime or things like that).

I think it’s appropriate to sign off with this…

Live Long and Prosper. 🙂