For months, we Chicagoans cuddle up in our homes, fight the brutal cold and wind, and desperately wish for warm days. That’s really why we stay here. People wonder why live in Chicago when there are so many warmer places to be. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the summers. The summers in Chicago are intoxicating. It’s worth fighting all the awful winter weather to enjoy summers here. The neighborhood I live in now is SO much better than Lincoln Park. More families, less hipster/trixie types. Although… there are more and more hipsters invading this area. 😦 There is this wonderful park a block from my apartment. I hear BIRDS when I wake up in the morning as opposed to hideously loud car radios and clueless girls on cellphones! I’m afraid that soon we’ll be infested with the young party crowd.

WOW! I’m getting old! LOL Basically, I wanted to say that I have spent all winter waiting for weather like yesterday and so far we’ve had two days like that… and BOTH of them I was sick for! 😦

I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while it was here.

Live Long and Prosper.