I have a routine in the mornings. I’m not OCD, I’m ADD. If my routine gets interrupted or I can’t fulfill my normal routine, the rest of my day is usually off. It doesn’t upset me a whole lot, but I do enjoy having something I can control. I KNOW that when I get up in the morning that I can have coffee and relax for an hour before the work prep gets going.

Normally I do the dishes from the night before, make coffee, listen to NPR, make breakfast, then sit down to watch something on Netflix streaming from the XBOX 360. Sometimes, I spend that relaxing hour on the computer checking Ravelry or Facebook. And SOMETIMES, you are lucky enough that I have been inspired to write a blog! 🙂

Well, today I got most of my routine in, dishes, coffee, breakfast…. then I sat down to watch some Vicar of Dibley but when I went to sign in to XBOX Live I get an update notice. We’ve started having problems with the BOX not reading discs. This is particularly bad timing because my sister is in town today and she is DYING to play Beatles Rockband. I haven’t told her yet that we may not be able to play… We’ll leave that for later. She’s been having such a good birthday, I didn’t feel like ruining it for her too soon. PLUS, we may be able to get it fixed this week.

Well…. back to my story, I decided to do the update (I hate doing anything like that without his permission because I’m afraid of doing something to ruin it for good, but this time is different). So, I select “Update” and sit back to eat my cereal and drink my coffee and pleasantly looking forward to some wonderful British humor when suddenly a box pops up that shows the progress of the download and it shows 33 minutes.

33 minutes, I thought. Okay, I won’t be able to watch the Vicar but MAYBE it will fix the disc reading thing. Fingers crossed! Then I think, okay, 33 minutes, now, is this real time or Microsoft time. Then just as I finish my thought, the download time jumps to 44 minutes.

Yup, Microsoft time. DAMN.

Live Long and Prosper.