I’m looking for a sewing machine. I’ve been doing all these crafty things lately and now I think I want to start sewing. Nothing like adding another skill to my arsenal. I’ve got the kitchen down, knitting is under control, I feel the need to start something new.

I’ve been reading Posey Gets Cozy and Little Cotton Rabbits and I miss my country living.  I miss going out in the middle of a storm to do chores and get wood for the stove. Money is tight right now and I figure that in the long run, a sewing machine will help take care of things around here like curtains and maybe some summer clothes for myself.

I’ve got a couple of exciting things happening in the next week. A family that I use to baby-sit for in college is coming to town for a day trip this week. I want to give them a little Easter gift. The only thing I can think of to do is make little Easter Egg pins from the Roving that I bought back in the fall. It’s not really Easter Egg colors, but I’m hoping that it will work for the girls. I’ll need something different for the boys.

My sister is turning 16 on Saturday. She’s coming down to visit for her spring break. I’m super excited. I have a bunch of stuff planned for us. I have to do a crap load of things before next Tuesday. Grocery shopping is a huge one. It’s tricky because I have signed up to bring dishes for our Easter Breakfast at church. Saturday will be a busy day for me. I’ll have to get up SUPER early on Sunday too. Ugh… Good thing I work at a great company and am able to take days off next week for my sister’s visit!

This economy thing sucks. So, I want a sewing machine and NOW the XBOX isn’t working. 😦 This is the downside to buying things on Craigslist. Now that the XBOX isn’t working… it doesn’t read discs…we can’t send it in to get fixed. So, now he is looking for a new XBOX and I’m looking at sewing machines.


Live Long and Prosper