First off, I think we have all calmed down from our mis-adventure at the Embassy Suites. It was strange to have someone come up to a group of knitters and crocheters and ask us to leave. It was kind of funny cuz most people/businesses welcome us. There are a crap load of knitters in Chicago and it brings in business. Oh well, now we have a funny story to tell and it makes us look like a bunch of unruly gang members.

I’ve been working on my first serious blocking. I’ve  been putting it off because I don’t have a blocking board but I don’t think I can wait to get one. I found this blog where she describes her blocking board and I think I’m going to try that. It looks relatively easy and cheap. Plus I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to ship it. I’m hoping I can find homoste at Menard’s. I’ll post pictures when I can figure out which slot and drive I can use for my memory card.

Here’s what I finished this week.


On to other things…

I’m so confused with this Jihad Jane thing. Apparently there were a couple of guys who were planning a terrorist attack on some cartoonist in Europe too. I don’t understand. The only conclusion I can come to is that these people are down right crazy! I’ve watched South Park make Jesus gay and sleep with the Devil and I don’t want to kill those guys. I feel that God has tougher skin than that. In fact, if you have another god than I do, wouldn’t you think that being that he/she/it IS INDEED a higher being and has all this power, WHY would they care what people say about them? I think that gods of all types would have tougher skin than that. These gods have been through many wars and defamations… some cartoonist in Europe isn’t going to hurt their feelings. I would think they would care more about the believers worshiping than those who are defaming their being. I don’t claim to be a theologist, and these people have a right to be angry (don’t want to tell anyone how to feel here), but honestly, murder and terrorist attacks aren’t going to bring people to your side! Well, not in today’s standards. Maybe at some point violence was used….okay, I know it was used, but things change. But, my point is that I’m pretty sure that MY God doesn’t sit in his throne and cry because Matt Stone and Trey Parker defamed him in South Park. I also know that it isn’t MY job to judge them. That will come in time. End point, gods have tougher skins than we do.

Subject Change…

I have never watched American Psycho. I LOVE Netflix for delivering it to me for me to watch this weekend! Last weekend I saw Memento for the first time. WOW! I was a little disappointed with the ending but it was good none the less. If you’ve seen it then you know what I mean….if you haven’t, add it to your que NOW! Totally worth it!

I’ve talked enough…off to have my coffee and watch some movies! 🙂

Live Long and Prosper!