I never feel like I fit in anywhere. I have parts of me that fit in certain parts of society but really, my boyfriend is the only one (other than my family) that truely accepts me for me…even when my worlds collide and I say the wrong thing to the wrong group of people.

I finally figured it out… well, part of it anyway.

I’m interested in a lot of dorky things, Star Trek, Star Wars, knitting, any cheesy sci-fi on TV, ANYTHING written by Joss Whedon…

The other day, the boyfriend brought in the mail… and here were the things I was excited about:

*KnitPicks Catalog
* Barbie Collectors Catalog
* NRA magazine

And here is why I’m the odd-ball!

Something else that drives me nuts, dreaming about ex-boyfriends whom I haven’t spoken to in YEARS and who are married with an ugly baby girl. (sorry, but not all babies are cute..and there may be a bit of jealousy, JUST a bit. I’m sure she’ll grow up pretty.) What do these dreams mean? WHY was I at his wedding? WHY was I the one that he came to when shit started falling apart? WHY did I try to make things better? UGH! Usually I really enjoy my dreams, but this one has set me on edge. It use to be, back when we were “together” that when I had dreams about him, I would hear from him. F*%#! I don’t want that to happen.

Live Long and Prosper!