So.. It’s the beginning of the new year and the CTA is doing their budget crunch samba. There have been subtle changes in the past couple of months. The biggest one that I recognize is the train conductors. When they are at a stop and ready to close the doors, the little ding-dongy sound doesn’t do it for them anymore. They have to announce it over the PA;  “Attention CTA customers, Please do not attempt to board the train, the doors are closing”.

I understand why they started doing that. A few months ago, some stupid woman tried to get her stroller on the train as the doors were closing and the doors closed on the stroller and dragged the stroller and the baby down the tracks. The baby landed on the tracks…thankfully she was not hurt. But now, as usual, ONE has ruined it for the rest of us! *head slap*

My question is… why do they call us customers? That is my main transportation. I don’t feel like a customer. I feel like I would if I were to get into my car. I feel strange when they say that. Why not call us passengers? That is true, too.

Well, my bread is rising and in 30 minutes will be in the oven. EEP! I’m excited. I hope it turns out. It doesn’t look like it’s risen much, but then again I’m only doing one loaf. So, we’ll see.

Live Long and Prosper!