Sometimes I hate nights. The other night was one of those. I woke up with dull but painful intestinal pains around 1am. I tried to go back to sleep but had fitful dreams. It’s funny when you dream and your subconscious inserts faces of people you may or may not know. In this instance, I just met this girl and here she is in my dream.

I was working for the government in a building full of research materials. I head to the bathroom (probably because I was having pain in my dreams as well). As I was sitting there this girl comes into the bathroom and goes into the stall next to me. Suddenly, I see her head by my feet. She is wearing a knit hat(surprise, surprise) and she starts slithering like a snake in front of me licking the floor. I realize that she is sick, probably cancer. She is completely out of it. She comes to and tells me that she’s sorry and that she’s very sick and needs help. I tell her that I will call an ambulance and she tells me no. So I run about this huge building and its campus in shoes that are half a size too big for me looking for help. Everyone I ask for help turns me down. It sucked. I wanted so badly to help this girl and no one is kind enough to help her out.

I woke up then. I was watching PBS American Experience or something. It’s a great series about all the presidents. They give you a pretty indepth look too. That night was Nixon. I guess my body doesn’t like Nixon. I slept fine when I watched FDR and LBJ. Man, I’m such a nerd.

Live long and Prosper!