So, last night was the season premier of LOST. I was so geeked about it. After last season I decided to do internet searches to learn more about the statue and Egyptian gods. I found more than I bargained for. Did you know that they built dummy sites to support props in the show? There is a website dedicated to some author of a book in the show.. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist because when I went to, the book had no LOC number and you couldn’t order it…even in the marketplace. Weird, huh?

Have you ever heard of Geo Cache-ing? It’s where you get the coordinates to a location, then use your GPS to find it. When you find the spot, normally there is a box, waterproof, that will hold tokens from the other people that have been there. Normally, you take a token, ie, a keychain or rubber ball, or a finger puppet and place it in the box then take one that you fancy. The people of LOST created a Geo Cache. It’s in Washington State! CRAZY! I wish I could go find it. I bet it’s neat. The first one to find it got a Dharma token. NEAT!

Anyway, my excitement over last night’s premier was kinda rained on. Got some stuff going on with the boy that needs some attention. It usually works out in the end, but I’m nervous about this one. Hell, I’m nervous about all of them.. I hate talking about my feelings because they never seem validated. I don’t think anyone has ever told me… you’re right to feel that way. It’s always been, That’s a silly way to feel (only not in those words) or I don’t say that or I think it’s all in your head.

Needless to say, last nights’ premier was a bit dampened. I have however spent a good part of the day….well, not really….in the Ravelry LOST forum exchanging ideas and theories. It’s been fun and interesting.  

Live long and Prosper…