I failed. Well… yes. I failed. But let me explain….

I did really well my first week. It was the weekend that threw me for a loop. I had forgotten my bars at work. I resolved to “try” to stay on the diet by not eating and snacking all day. I succeeded in doing that! In fact, instead of eating, I worked on projects. I have three knitting projects that were suppose to be done before Christmas but for one reason or another (I got super duper lazy) these projects never got finished. So, in one respect, yes, I did fail on my diet but at the same time I don’t see it as a complete failure because I resolved to not eat everything in site and I didn’t.

Back at work this week and sticking to the diet.  My pants are already feeling less tight! 😀 This morning was a small failure but that was because I had two glasses of wine last night with dinner and I was slightly hung-over this morning… so, I had toast with sugar free strawberry preserves from Smuckers… BEST DAMN JELLY ON THE PLANET!  No, seriously, the sugar free scared me too, but it retains the strawberry flavor which makes it TWICE as good as the original! YUM! I also ate the last brownie…. 😦

On the knitting front, I finished Rita’s Reversible Cowl from Misti Alpaca. I’m super thrilled that I got this pattern. I happened to be a Nina’s Well Knit Shop on the night that they had their show/sale. I bought this amazing Misti Chunky for a clutch and cowl for my cousin for her wedding, which I also failed to deliver on time. I went to the website this week and the pattern is finally up but it’s gonna cost you $5.50. Not bad and totally worth it. It uses the Kitchener Stitch which I’ve been scared to try. If you go to KnittingHelp.com you’ll find a VERY helpful video on how to do the Kitchener Stitch. I didn’t need a cheat card or anything! I’m so proud. I’ll post photos later.

Live Long and Prosper!