It’s been a long while since I posted anything. I miss my laptop! I would write more had I my computer up and running! *sigh*

I’m super busy at work. I am now working on our new journal that will be coming out at the beginning of October. I’m excited! I’ll be on the journal masthead! 🙂 I’ve been editing and filling out forms and making calls and doing what I do best. I also have a shit-ton of other work to do. I like keeping busy.

I’m moving in little under a month. Just moving to a new neighborhood. It will be quieter, I hope. It’s a beautiful place. I’m so excited I can’t handle it. Seriously, had a minor meltdown last night. In less than a month, I’ll have a bedroom! and a kitchen, and a dining room AND a living room!!!! The boy is moving in with me…. well, it’s a joint effort.

I’ve already started decorating in my head. I’m going to drive myself crazy! lol

I just got back from visiting my parents. I LOVE it there! It’s so comfortable and quiet. We had so much fun. My family is a blast. I’m so blessed to have them in my life.

I guess my main reason for writing today is to let you all know that I am doing fine, I made it a year with the boy without killing him. I’m quiet proud of us. I can actually visualize living another year with him. I hope you are all well. I still read all your comments… when you write them.

Live Long and Prosper!