I’m still around. Things in my household have been crazy. The boy is working alot on his computer. Since my is still out of commission, I don’t get around to making the necessary updates. I should get my ass up earlier like most people do. OR, I could write them in a WORD document then post them later, like Beau does. I’m just not that on top of things.

Let’s see. My new job is going great. I might be co-authoring an article. The apartment is still small, but it’s summer and we are out and about more often. Thank goodness. Last weekend was the Literary Fair in the South Loop! What a festival! My kinda people. I came out with a bag of books. 🙂

Once a month the younger generation at my church goes to a retirement community and serves dinner that we make and play games of bingo with the residents. I’m not exactly sure how it’s going. I’m thinking it’s a little un-orgainized. I think I may have to step in and help a little more. I was trying to do the least amount of work necessary, but there are two men in charge of it and we never happen to have the things we need when we get there. It always seems like someone is taking off to go buy last minute things. Yesterday we forgot the BINGO cards! Geesh!

I’m completely addicted to this restaurant game on Facebook. hehehehe I’m sitting here watching all the little computer people go in and out of my little restuarant. I’m frustrated cuz I can only have 4 staff. Something needs to happen cuz food isn’t getting out fast enough. I need another waiter. or another cook… I need both. Can’t figure out how to get them though.

Well, I’m off to the showers. I have bible study in an hour. I think we’ll be hitting up the Old Town Art Festival after church.

Have a good one.

Live Long and Prosper.

P.S. GO SEE THE NEW STAR TREK!!! It was so awesome!!!!!