My grandpa is dying. I’ve known this for a while, but last night mom told me that he’s not getting out of bed and not opening his eyes. The nurses are asking dad what he wants to do, making all those arrangements.

On one hand, my grandpa is 93(I think), he’s lived a long life, he’s been miserable since grandma died, and I think he would be happier in heaven.

On the other hand, I’m worried about my dad. So worried that I’m distracted.

I am having a very hard time concentrating today. I can’t seem to focus.  *sigh* I was so happy to see my little Windows Assistant, which I have turned into a cat. I would love to have a desk top pet. Something to keep me occupied.

All my W-2s are in…. taxes need to be done. Hopefully, I’ll get a nice return! 🙂 What should use it for? Hmmmmm….. New clothes? Food? New Kitchen stuff?

Live Long and Prosper!