So, I was all excited to go to my knitting circle last night. It was like 50 degrees and I was eager to learn a new stitch. I traipsed over to the neighborhood … THE LONG WAY! *head slap* and walk in the door to find a bunch of grumpy looking people on laptops glaring at the interruption of lil ‘ol me walking in the door! Geez people! How can you be grumpy on a day like today??? It was friggin’ beautiful!!!!!! Embarrassed I walk to get a coffee. I hang out for about 15 minutes waiting for someone to show up…I was already 20 minutes late, and decide that I’m all alone and there is no way I am going to sit in there with all those up tight people to knit. *humph*  Thankfully, The Boy and a friend of his was in the same neighborhood and I just had to walk a little ways to meet them at the bar! They had a giggle at lonely me sitting knitting. I woke up this morning WAY too early and thought, “huh, there might have been a back room that I didn’t check.” *head slap* Now I REALLY feel like an idiot for being scared off by a bunch of grumpy snooty people! 😦 

In other news, I was walking around the other day. It’s strange the things you notice. I was walking behind this very nicely dressed woman and did a scan of her outfit. When I got to her shoes my eyebrows raised and thought “NIIIIIICE!”. …….. THEN I saw her walk. GROSS! This girl was pigeon toed AND had fallen arches which made her feet roll in as she walked. When I saw that, it totally turned me off of the shoes. Then I had a thought, it’s strange that just by her walking, I no longer lust after those shoes. She should NOT have been wearing 4 inch heels without some sort of support for her foot. I then realized that I am kinda disgusted by girls under the age of 30 with pigeon toes. That’s it… no more shoe shopping in the street. 

Hungry now… 

Live Long and Prosper!