Last night, while watching “Slumdog Millionaire” I mentioned that Valentine’s Day is next week. He asked me if I wanted to do anything. What am I suppose to say? “Yes, I would like to get dressed up and taken to a nice dinner, recieve a beautiful bouquet of roses and very pretty jewelry.”

Let’s make a list of somethings that would be feasible with our budget at the moment….
a. Sushi dinner at the cute and resonably priced sushi restaurant down the street
b. Head downtown and visit a new museum exhibit or just poke around downtown
c. Head to the Chicago History Museum, as that is the one museum I haven’t been to yet.
d. Go to a movie…but there isn’t anything all that great out right now
e. Explore a neighborhood that we don’t venture to much
f. Head to one of his favorite restaurants.
g. Sit at home and play video games while drinking beer and any other substance we might be able to afford.
h. do absolutely nothing, him on the computer, me on the couch watching television

Hmmm… do any of those sound interesting? Here is why we can’t do them….
a. we really don’t have that much money
b. it’s too friggin cold to be outside(that knocks out b. and e.)
c. again with the money and his lack of interest (this will knock out b.,c., d., and e.)
d. see a. and c. and the fact that there isn’t anything that looks all that interesting
e. see b. and c.
f. $$$$
g. TOTALLY doable
h. probably what we will end up doing anyway.

Geez, Valentine’s Day sucks whether single or not! lol Hope your’s is better!

Live Long and Prosper!