Currently on my nightstand:

My knitting

A bag of craisens

A bag of raisens

2 eye pillows

The Brothers Karamazov

A big white plate that holds:

two pairs of earrings,

a fabric map of Chicago,

a picture of my family,

a couple of condoms

a few lighters

Which ever remote I happen to be hoarding

A box of Kleenex

A lamp

An oil burner

A bottle of Bath and Body oil

My old cellphone

A headset for my old cellphone

a box of Uno Cards

A couple of CDs I have no idea what’s on them

a glass of water

a bag from Nina:a well-knit shop (my source for fabulous yarn!)

An old candle with pens being stored in it.


I have a very large nightstand! J Thanks to The Boy!!!


Live Long and Prosper