I fully plan on starting up HNT again. I would like to keep my blog somewhat friendly and there for devising a plan to continue HNT and other possibly risque posts without it being totally NSFW. Still devising, will get back to you ….

Now, let’s get back to my randomness

*I really do look like a 50 year old Hausfrau! (no offense to those of you who are hausfrau’s, or those of you in your 50s, but as The Boy has so lovingly said to me, I’m thirty with a kickin’ bod, I shouldn’t dress dowdy. I just have a very limited income and have to work with what I have. Those of you willing to donate to my “new clothes fund” contact me and I’ll give you details! ;))

*hey, I can see my vein throbbing in my neck.(while washing my hands in the bathroom)

* This site is TOO FUNNY! I have literally been laughing my ass off. I can’t laugh too loud as I’m still at work, but honestly… This woman Jen is a wordsmith GENIUS! Kudos to you Jen! You have made my day fly by faster than most! I completely LOVE your site and it makes me want to scour every bakery/grocery store in the greater Chicago area looking for messed up cakes to send you. OR better yet! Ordering a cake in hopes of getting is messed up so I can send it to you for funny commentary! (In fact, I was trying to devise a plan for messed up cakes while I was in the bathroom. What? Some people read, I ponder the creative works of cake! 🙂 ) See, my plan is two-fold, get a funny F*&% up cake AND I get to eat it! YUMMY! Win-Win!

*This sweater sheds like dog in the middle of July! My desk is covered in little black fuzzies. This is the aforementioned sweater from my first thought. The Boy said I looked like a school marm in this sweater. Had it not been for my cool new haircut, He would have thought I stepped out of the 1900’s one room school house. EEK! I need new clothes.

*What kind of grocery store doesn’t have baked beans in the bean ailse?

Yeah, it was one of those days. Pretty boring.

Live Long and Prosper!