I named myself Janed21 for a couple of reasons. The first was because I am not creative at all. The second was because I wanted some anonymity. Three, because 21 is my favorite number even if 17 and 20 were my best years of life, carefree and full of naughty fun. I often regret the choice of JaneD21 but what else was there? It seemed like everything had been taken. I’m not a mom so I can’t go that route. I don’t particularly have any talents that I perform on a regular basis, so I can’t go that route. I figured that by calling myself JaneD21 I was opening myself to the possibilities of blogging about anything I want….hence the “Life in my head” title. I should delve into my brain more and be more interesting but I am kind of hit and miss on the writing talent. Most of my blogs are “on the go” written from my phone or in the few stolen minutes I have with the ONE working computer in my apartment. I’m sorry for not being more interesting, I’ll try to step it up a notch. Let’s try this out….

Yesterday was a good day at work. Now that I am out of that poisonous other job(I’ll write more detail later) most of my days at work are good, unless I have that reoccurring foot in mouth disease that I can’t seem to shake and no doctor knows how to cure. I’m starting to get projects and that keeps my days filled. Yesterday, my boss gave me the company bulletin to look over and make sure the final revisions and edits were done. Due to another employee’s family health problems, I helped her out yesterday afternoon and didn’t get around to the bulletin edits.

Towards quittin’ time I’m gathering my stuff and decide to try to do the edit revisions at home. Okay, a little background on me, I’m 30 and never had a grownup job. My last job was a nightmare and all my other jobs have been hourly, punch out and you’re done. This one is different in SO many ways. So anyway, I curled up in bed, pencil in one hand, beer in the other and got to work on those pesky edits.  It was fun.

9:30pm and I’m watching “Frasier” and slowly drifting off to sleep. The Boy( I have GOT to find a better term for him) comes to bed later in the night. It’s probably about midnight and something falls. We both shoot bolt up right in bed and look around.


My one remaining cat had knocked over the dusty old guitar which leaned precariously against a stack of Rubbermaid boxes and and old air conditioner. It crashed to the ground with a hollow sound and a vibration of loose untuned strings. Holy crap that freaked us out!

We(meaning The Boy does, I was SO not getting out of  that warm bed) take the guiar and lay it down on the floor on the other side of the room out of the way of midnight wanderings to the bathroom or leaping cats. We settle back into bed, curling into one another. I must have restless leg syndrome because I moved my leg ever so slightly and The ChickenBoy jumped from the bed yelling “OMG WHAT WAS THAT?!?” (I still laugh thinking about it*wipes tear from eye*)

I bolt upright in bed and scan the room looking for the disturbance, seeing none I stare at him with a look of utter disbelief. “What is your problem? It was my foot.” I must admit that I probably used a very snotty and not very caring tone but from where I was sitting this was an unprovoked move. I proceeded to coo and tell him that everything was okay and he should lay back down and try to go back to sleep.

He did as he was told, probably out of sheer exhaustion and not from being told what to do. We curled our separate ways and fell back asleep. Well, he did anyway, I proceeded to fight back giggles as I replay the scene in my head. Sleep eventually overcame the hilarious replay in my head and I slept like a log….I think.

Technology is great. I love my Blackberry. I “spoke” with The Chicken Boy around lunchtime. He apologised for the midnight disturbance and I told him that it was okay. I asked him what he was dreaming about and he said that he was dreaming that he was tied down with millions of centipedes crawling all over him. He proceeded to tell me that he felt something touch his leg and that freaked him out. It is all I can do from laughing right now. Seriously, I’m choking back giggles! hehehehehehe

Live Long and Prosper!