I wonder if you can track my womanly cycle by reading my blogs. I had this thought this morning while laying in bed. Most of the time I seem pretty ok, but then there comes the blogs that are just raging! Well, maybe, to tell you the truth I haven’t read through them all to chart it… but it’s a thought. 

Now here is why I think that…. 

For the past few days I have been upset with the boy. He has been working my last nerve… or so it seems. I can’t even stand to talk to him let alone lay in the same bed with him. Is this normal? I’m sure that when this is over in the next few days, I”ll be all lovey dovey again…. but damn… this sucks. Guys have no idea, do they? They know that it sucks, but can they truely grasp the concept that your body physically changes for a week a month? How about how you never seem to be able to control anything? Your mind and body do things that they wouldn’t do the other 23 days in the month? It’s truly frustrating. The thought of keeping track of it and takeing pills is exhausting! You think women in the 1800s went through this? How did they handle it? Wonder what it was like for them?

Live Long and Prosper