Beau over at The Beau Kind did this meme post a while ago and I thought I would try it out. I’m feeling like a coward right now and I thought that if I did a little esteem boosting for myself then I could continue through this tough time… so here goes…. 

5 Pivotal Moments in my life(in no particular order)

1. Getting into college. I was denied at every university I applied to. College was a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I was heartbroken when I didn’t get accepted to the university of my choice. I am and always will be thankful to my guideance counselor for calling the college and getting me a phone interview which eventually lead to my acceptance and 5 of the best years of my life!!!

2. The birth of my youngest sister. Watching her grow and being able to be a large part of it has changed my life forever. I can’t imagine why people would abuse children the way they do. Children should be number one on everyones list…. even if you don’t have any, donate or volunteer at a school… not to be lame, but they are our future. Let’s teach them right! My sister is one of the most amazing kids I’ve ever known! I fear the troubles that she has yet to go through, but I pray that she is a better person and is able to handle it better than I ever could.

3. Moving to Chicago. I have learned so much since I have been here. I have met great people and had some experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m glad that I came here instead of staying back home. I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have otherwise. 

4. Quiting my job. It was a scary move, I’m completely broke, but at least I don’t dread going to work in the morning. There are more opportunities for me out there then I would have thought. 

5. Starting a Blog. This blog, although I don’t write as much as I should and my blogs aren’t especially funny or intriguing, I enjoy writing and this gives me an outlet. I need to open up some more but I can’t seem to do it. One of the things I’m working on. 

There is my meme. I’m not going to tag anyone cuz I’m not completely familiar with my readers, but if you decide to try this, tag me so I can read it! 

Live Long and Prosper!