I’ve been up since 3am. The day passed relatively quickly. I’m watching Tom Skilling and his extremely detailed forcast. I can’t believe that New Orleans had 8 inches of snow! I think we barely had an inch! 

I kinda took a time out on the job search and I feel guilty. Today I sent some resumes out.  The boy found this website. I must warn you… NSFW!!! Unless you work for the adult industry, then go for it.(seriously, unless you like to watch really funny, twisted, messed up stuff…steer away!) We have been caught up watching people degrade themselves in various ways. Don’t get me wrong, we spent the first couple of weeks of my unemployment playing cards(UNO and GinRummy)and watching movies. We have been cooped up in this apartment for DAYS!!!! You run out of things to do… there are only so many dishes you can do. 

Which reminds me of our money problems. I take comfort knowing that I am not alone in this. Half the country is in my position, many in a worse position than I. The boy and I were up SUPER early this morning. We are both so stressed out. No money, low on food, argh! The boy eats like an elephant! It seems like he is always eatting. We have to be more careful… which isn’t hard when you don’t have money. I know that we are in this together.

I had something else to say, but The Simpsons are on and I’m distracted! lol I want to thank you all for the kind thoughts. I get the warm fuzzies! 🙂 

Live Long and Prosper!