The boy is out of town til Tuesday! YIPEE! I celebrate like a married woman with 5 kids who just got swept away to a spa! I got home, put on my jammies, turned on the reading lamp next to my bed and fell asleep reading Janet Evanovich! *sigh* Not a sound in the place! =D It was so nice! I put on my big dowdy nighty, my flannel pants and got my afghan out of the cupboard…. it was loverly!

Today I will have to clean. I need to fold an un-godly amount of clothing, straighten the closet, do dishes, and grocery shopping. Well… I might wait and do all that on Saturday. I’m more active during the day in the winter. I think I’m solar powered. Once that sun sinks below the horizon, I become slower and more sloth like.

This morning I was up at 4am. Too stressed to sleep. I went to check my email and applied to 3 or 4 jobs. PLEASE keep your fingers crossed. I’m so worried that with all my small town experience… no one will want me. Which is why I’ve settled at this place for way to friggin long. I’m starting to have faith though. What has happened is that our company is so broke. My job is answering phone and taking care of my bosses schedule. I also orgainize trade show participation and make travel arrangements for our sales guys. But when the company has no money… there is nothing for me to do. My brain has gone into hibernation. I can’t think fast anymore. There is nothing here to keep my brain active. I feel it, and know that once I’m active again… I’ll kick some work ass!

Getting ready for work this morning I was trying to straighten things up. The boy doesn’t like to keep a clean house… well… he does, but his idea of clean and my idea of clean is different. My idea of clean is put things away, keep it straightened up. His idea of clean is wait til someone gets disgusted and then do a major overhaul. I’m not saying either of us is right…. (I TOTALLY am) and I will admit to not being on top of everything all the time, but I do hang up my wet towels and throw my dirty undies in the hamper. So, this morning… as i was getting ready to take off for my miserable job, I found his dirty drawers laying in the hallway. No biggie… I kinda like it, but that was when I picked them up, carried them to the hamper, sighed a little sigh… and thought… so this is my life… picking up after people… Some people I don’t mind.

anyway….. I hope that you guys are doing well…

Live Long and Prosper