WeaselMomma didn’t tag me, but she said that if we wanted to we could take her 7 things. I absolutely LOVE her blog! *shouts* You’re brilliantly funny WM! Thank you for your Humor!

7 weird things about me….

1. Today, I cleaned the litter box out in my undies, and this was what inspired me to write the 7 weird things.

2. I currently live in a 400sqft studio apartment with two cats and a 31 year old Latino man who acts like he’s 6.

3. I enjoy a man who embraces his inner child.


5. I was meant to be a princess. Not treated like a princess… but a real princess…. with crown and puppies sleeping on silk cushions.

6. Romance creeps me out. I LOVE to watch it on movies, but when it actually happens to me… I freak out and run away!

7. I’m 30 and homesick for the farm. Is that okay?

Well, in other news, it’s payday today and my boss just told me that he can only give me half my check. He also said that when I get my check I can go home. I’m going to the library to pick up some books and movies. I think I just saw it end….