Okay… I have SO many thoughts going through my head right now… I’ll try to get them out in a coherant manner, but please forgive me if they are jumbled and don’t make sense…

First off, let me state that when I first saw Obama interviewed three or four years ago, I could feel in my bones that he would do great things. His campaign was unrivaled….and excuse my historical reference… very Hitler-esque. Don’t go jumping on that remark unless you understand it and I have a feeling that many of you won’t. And I don’t feel like explaining it because I don’t care enough about it. Just know that the Obama campaign has changed the presidential race from here on out! BTW… his campaign manager is a friggin’ genius and I tip my hat to him.

Secondly, I voted McCain. I battled with the decision for months, weeks, days. Until I walked up to that little folding table/voting booth, I thought for sure I would vote Obama. I knew he was going to win and I usually vote for the winner… this time… I decided to vote for personal reasons and not what everyone was telling me. I listened to my head and my heart and that was what it told me. I agree with a lot of McCain policies and pretty skeptical on many of Obama’s

Thirdly, I didn’t think either candidate was worthy to take over. Maybe I’m a little gun-shy from the current “head of state” that currently resides in our nations capital. Politicians are not very trust-worthy people.

This election was monumental! The boy and I decided to walk downtown to check out the activity. I wanted to be able to tell later generations that I was there. I stood on the same ground as the President-elect and witnessed it with my own eyes.

It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. (The birth of my littlest sister still remains the first.  How can you deny the beginning of life as a non miraculous event? To this day, she astounds me…. in all her teenage-moodiness!) This gathering in Grant Park downtown Chicago was amazing. To see all these people stand firm in their belief that this guy will carry us into a new era. Not only that… but watching history take place was so emotional that I have been in tears of awe, pride, thanksgiving, and amazement ever since. You think I’m kidding, but I am a very empathetic person. I tend to put myself in the shoes of others and can usually see thier pain and suffering as well as their joy and thanksgiving. I can’t even watch movies about the Holocaust because I get so emotional over the torment that those thousands, millions of people went through. Can you imagine having your child torn from your arms and get shot in front of your eyes? Or can you imagine being a child and watching your parents being shot point blank? How the survivors lived normal lives after that is beyond me! They are so strong!

How about the founding fathers of this country who held secret meetings in order to write our Constitution and Bill of Rights? These documents that we don’t even think twice about, they risked their LIVES for the freedoms we have today!

How about the millions of slaves who suffered and couldn’t understand why? Generations of African people who were kidnapped from their homelands only to be chained in the bottom of boats, in their own defication for MONTHS on end, only to find out that their lives were only to get worse! They were looked at and judged like horses. Slave traders would judge the slaves teeth in order to decide if he was health or a good worker. The embarressment! I have no idea how someone would raise a child in circumstances like that. And yet… this went on for YEARS! In fact, 40 years ago, we still had segregated schools and separate drinking fountains. For the years of suffering, we have come so far in such a short time. We aren’t completely there yet, but at least there are signs of change and slow steps forward.

On a lighter note… I was SO FUCKING HAPPY to see that even Oprah didn’t get a special seat last night. She didn’t look too happy crunched in there next to some geeky looking white dude and a clueless white chick. I laughed my ass off. I’m not a big fan of Oprah. I think she’s secretly trying to take over the world. It’s only a matter of time before she’s in cohoots with Disney and Time Warner to make the biggest media empire in the friggin world! YIKES… now THAT is fucking scary!

BTW… how crazy is it that they are using HOLOGRAMS on the news now? We are only steps away from living in space now! lol 😉

When was the last time the ENTIRE WORLD celebrated the election of an American President?

I WAS there!

Live Long and (hopefully) Prosper!