I feel like today is a vacation day or something. It feels so relaxed and I feel like the whole country is pulling together to make this democratic process a success! I want to  shout out to the people at my polling place! NO, I’m not telling you where! lol But I want to say thank you for being so helpful and having a great sense of humor! Granted it was early in the day, I was number #134 at 8:30am. I met a girl that lives in my building… she’s really cool! I waited about an hour and 40 minutes and it was the most fun I had standing in line! Starbucks across the street had a guy standing outside in line handing out samples. After I voted, I crossed the street and got my free tall Pike Place coffee. I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks but I am not one to pass up a free cup of coffee with the economy the way it is! I hope all is well with you guys… thanks for reading!


Live Long and Prosper!