So, a few weeks ago I was feeling very trapped. I needed something new and different. (I still feel that way kinda, but that is for another blog.) The Boy and I decided to take a walk to a different part of our neighborhood and check things out. We walk in and out of a few cute stores just browsing. There was a cute African store with neat paintings and cute trinkets. There was a cute little Coffee and Tea shop with loose tea and great smelling coffee. We continued walking and came across a store that I found interesting. A little side note, I collect teddy bears. I like the ones that are clothed for some reason, but I will collect them if I think they are cute or from a company that I like. Kinda like this…… So this store, I saw from across the street was a store that claimed to have bears. In the windows they displayed bears from a company called Big Sky Carvers, a company I have a soft spot for. I grabbed the boy’s arm and said “OH! I want to go in there!” We walked in and started looking around. They had a very nice selection of bear merchandise. Bear plates, bear blankets, teddy bears riding Harleys, bear t-shirts, etc…. We wandered around and browsed. My mind was totally not there. I was completely unaware of my surroundings.  The boy got to the back of the store before me and stopped dead in his tracks. I came up behind him and rested my chin on his shoulder and said “what’s going on?” He said, “what did we walk into?”

I looked down and to the left. There was a glass display counter that was a home for a variety of dildos and gay porn movies. Hanging above was a variety leather attire, collars, chaps, vests…

I said, “oh! That makes sense.”  We slowly turned around and walked back to the front of the store. We tried not to rush out of there. When we got to the front, the guy at the register was wearing a spike dog collar and his friend was def. a bear. I looked at him sheepishly and said, “I like your store. I collect teddy bears and you have a nice variety!” He looked back at me and smiled and said, “well, now you know where to come.”

We said goodbye and exchanged pleasentries. When we walked out I looked at the boy and said, “I liked that! They have this cool cover for their store. I bet that people walk in there all the time unsuspecting and get all uncomfortable when they find out what it really is!”

We giggled about it and found a cute Mexican place and had amazing guacamole and entrees. It was a beautiful evening.