I have to post pone HNT and my favorites entries because my phone is messed up. I know, lame excuse, but seriously. Two weeks ago it started doing something really funky and draining my battery…. I took it in and had to have it completely erased. 😦 Well, somehow, during the set up, my connection got screwed up and now I can only recieve emails from ONE of my accounts, I can’t send emails, and I don’t get my facebook updates. LOL So… to make you all feel better, I DO have the pictures ready to post, but I can’t get them from my phone to my blog. I could use the media card… I heard you sitting there… but I can’t get an internet connection at my apartment to post them from there either. So… You’ll all have to wait. Sorry….

On the good news front… I am feeling SO much better today. I sent out two resumes last night and feel somewhat accomplished. I just have to keep this up until I land that new job. I posted my resume to a PR firm. I know a couple of people that work there and they seem really happy. PLUS… they are a world wide company so the possibility for me to transfer over seas is an option.

The boy and I took a shower together the other day…. well.. I had already been in the shower but got back in when he invited me. We are not typical. Sometimes, he does these things… even if it’s just a smile and a wave, or being goofy and teasing me… I am so thankful to have him around.

OH… I can’t WAIT to tell you about this…. So payday was last Friday right? We are SUPPOSE to have direct deposit but lately, we don’t have money so we have been getting paper checks. (bogus point number one) On Friday, the boss is hung over and doesn’t come in until 4:30pm, which normally would be fine, but it was payday and people wanted their checks. So, he signs the checks and tells each of us, don’t cash it until you hear from me on Saturday. (bogus point number TWO) I wait and wait and wait all morning on Saturday because I have bills that need to be paid and my bank closes at 1pm. At 12:55pm on Saturday, my boss calls me and tells me that it’s okay to deposit my check but don’t go thru a teller. (bogus point number THREE) So, since Monday was a bank holiday, I put my check in the over night deposit box on Tuesday morning. I didn’t get my money until YESTERDAY after noon! My CTA card has been deactivated and I can’t use it for three more days because that bastard didn’t pay me. I know, I should have money put aside….. but have you seen the price of food? I have been doing NOTHING but paying bills and sitting on my ass at home! My money is flying out the window along with everyone else’s! 😦 I was suppose to be flying into Detroit to go to a friends wedding and hang out with my sister, but that is shot to hell because Friday was the cut off date for cheap flights! 😦 So, now, I’m stuck in Chicago…I feel like such a loser tool…. because I don’t have the money to go… thanks to my stupid boss!

And THAT’S just the beginning!

Live Long and Prosper!