Like I mentioned a few days ago, my company is participating in a large trade show. Last night was our after party. The drinks were crap, the company was decent, music was pretty good. I left early because I was tired and had a shot of tequila that didn’t sit well with me. The boy was pretty drunk, despite his efforts to convince me other wise! lol He gets super chatty when he’s drunk. Most of the time I can’t follow him. Also, the boy had to get up at 2 to catch a flight back to D.C. Not a fun night. I maybe slept for 2 hours… and it wasn’t even a full two hours. When we woke up both of us were sick! He was throwing up and I had the runs. 😦 Although the party was entertaining, neither of us felt like it was worth it. We couldn’t understand why when we both had very little to drink, how could we get so sick? We blame it on being 30.

Live Long and Prosper…..

Please send good sleep vibes my way! Maybe suggest a good sleeping pill….I’m dying here……