When you say the title of this blog, you must say it as if you were still in High School. Emphasis on the ‘L’ and ‘O’. It would look something like LLOO-ser. On to the subject…

I like board games. My family tends to gather around them at holidays. We have a lot of  fun too. We play Sequence and Pictionary and all other sorts of yelling games. One game that is always up for debate is Monopoly. For such a classic game, it hardly gets played. My dad LOVES the game. Mom hates it. My siblings could probably take it or leave it. My youngest sister prefers Dog Monopoly. I actually like the game, well I use to.

The boy bought the game the other night. He’d been wanting to play for a few days. I thought… cool. We got some burritos and settled in to play the game. We rolled and moved our pieces all over the board. The boy kept landing on property, I kept landing on community chest, or chance… or my personal favorite… Income Tax… Yup. Every time. Every time I passed Go, I had to fork up the $200. The boy kept telling me to buy property. I tried to tell him I would if I could land on it… but all my money was dwindling from paying him rent and being charged with something in the Community Chest. Even my Chance cards were “fork up 100 to each player!” Granted it was just him… but still…

I started thinking about all the games of Monopoly that I have played throughout the years. I never win. EVER. It’s no big. It’s the same thing every time. I tried to explain to the boy about it. He launched into this diatribe about positive thinking. I hate when he gets all high and mighty. It actually made me tear up. I was so frustrated.

So, to conclude, I have decided to black list Monopoly.

Also… a more personal side note….. My period is kicking my ass this week. I am run down and exhausted. I’m stressed out and and burned out. This SUCKS! I want to spend the whole day in bed!

Live Long and Prosper!