Along with the 10 million dollars from Publisher’s Clearing House, I’m looking for a man… A man with the following qualities.

I need a man that can make me laugh. This is one of the most important things to me along with honesty and faithfulness. I’m looking for someone who can make me laugh even when I’m upset. I want someone who will take me seriously but still know when I’m over reacting and doesn’t treat me like it’s a fucking crime. I want someone who will let me rant and know that it’s not personal, that I just need to let off steam.

I want a man who adores me. Someone who thinks I’m amazing, and kind, and sweet, and beautiful, and sexy. I want someone who doesn’t smoother me but knows when to tell me I look good and when to tell me I don’t match.

I want someone who does little things for me and makes me feel special. I want to come home and see that  he’s been thinking about me and has done something to make my life easier, even if it’s a paper clip to hang my night mask on.

I want someone who will run to the store for Kleenex when I’m not feeling well. I want someone who will ask me if I feel okay when I look sick. Someone who will offer to make me food when I’m hung over. Someone who actually thinks about me.

I want someone who I can talk to. Someone who let’s me be me, even if he rolls his eyes when I talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Someone who, if he finds something Buffy, thinks of me and sends me a link or picks it up for me, even if it’s not a big deal for me.

I want someone who feels comfortable around me. Someone who can be just as big of a dork as I can and isn’t ashamed of it.

I want someone who will share things with me….. thoughts, dreams, ideas, art…. and if I don’t understand it, will launch into a long diatribe about it and explain it to me…. without making me feel like a tool for not knowing about it.

I want someone who will teach me things… things about life, computers, art, anything…

I want a partner. I want someone who I can work with… towards something wonderful. Someone who appreciates me and what I contribute.

I want someone who is an adventure.

The boy is a lot of these things, most of these things really. Every day is a surprise. Some times, I feel guilty because he is so wonderful to me and I have no idea how I could ever repay him for his kindness and wonderfulness. I don’t have money to buy him the things he likes. The best I can do is bake for him, scratch his back, take care of him when he’s sick, be there for him when he needs a shoulder, and the occasional morning BJ. I’m so lucky to have had this time with him. I have never enjoyed anyone as much as I enjoy him. He truly is a very special person.

Live Long and Prosper!