if you don’t know by now, I grew up on a farm a LONG way from this booming metropolis. I grew up feeding calves and baling straw. It was a great life. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but honestly, what kid does?  I sure as hell appreciate it now. I have a strong work ethic and I’m probably one of the most honest people you will ever meet. I love kids and animals. I’ll even offer to baby sit…paid or not. There are a lot of differences between the city and the country…. there are similarities too… not many though.

One thing I enjoy, delivery! You can get anything delivered here. You could be a complete hermit and never have to deal with a grouchy check out person again! It’s awesome. Too bad I’m too social and broke to go this route.

Everything is close! Back home, when I was sick and needed tissue or medicine, I would have to get dressed, make a list of anything else needed from town,  get in my car, drive 10 minutes into town, possibly make 3 stops, and head home. That whole trip would probably take an hour! Here, I throw on my sweats, walk to Walgreen’s on the corner and I’m back in my bed in 15 minutes!

Cooking… again, if you are cooking something and realized you don’t have an ingredient… another 30 minute trip to town or scrap the whole deal. Here…. 5 minute stop across the street and I’m back in my kitchen finishing up dinner.

Getting to work on a cold day. Back home, when I actually had a car, there was the small chance that it wouldn’t start. Or you had to run out to warm it up! No, we weren’t fancy with the remote starters. Here, I don’t have to worry about that. I LOVE the CTA!

There are so many restaurants here. You never have to go to the same place twice! Back home, there are maybe 5 non fast food joints. All of them mediocre.

The beaches back home are better, less population = more beach space. But here, the beach/lake is like a block away! I LOVE IT!

I do miss quiet nights. I miss sitting out on my parents lawn and and watching the stars. I miss hearing the crickets and being able to hear myself think. I miss sleeping an entire night without being woken up by drunk people coming home from the bar. I miss SPACE! At times, I get so claustrophobic here. I get the feeling like I can’t breathe.

I know I’ve been in the city too long when I can’t tell if the sirens are from the TV or outside, and I don’ t rush to find out! *sigh* I am a little home sick today.

Live Long and Prosper!