Are you particular about something? I think that everyone has something that they are anal retentive about. I’m curious as to the things that people are particular about. Me, I’m particular about a lot of things. Journals for one. I like to have a pretty journal. One that is special and will inspire me to pick it up and write my words in it.

Last night, the boy made a mess of my apartment while looking for a particular object. I didn’t mind. I mean, his stuff IS all in boxes and he put everything away so nicely, I can’t complain or argue with him if he needs to find something. I know he’ll put it all back. Well, I woke up at 1am and couldn’t get back to sleep for having that mess all over. I asked him if he could get it cleaned up cuz I was having a hard time sleeping. He ended up falling asleep too… who can blame him? It’s so cozy in bed next to me! 😉 I eventually fell back asleep but I was surprised at myself for being so picky about it. This is the girl who will leave a sink full of dishes for over a week just because she is lazy!

Share with me! Tell me what you are particularly picky about.