Yup, that’s me! I am 30 years old and one day… okay… half of one day.

Here are my feelings for today:
1. I can’t breathe.
2. I’m feeling fat and unattractive.
3. I’m annoyed at my boss
4. I want to go home.
5. I miss my sister and yet I’m jealous of her all at the same time.

My weekend.

Friday, I decided that I was going to take the day off cuz it was my birthday and I deserved it. I woke up early. Played a video game, made a cake, took a shower, hung out with the boy, and went to pick up my sister at the train station.

When I got to the station, I saw that her train was running late and I had a 45 minute wait! I sat down and called both my sisters and spent the time talking. Finally my sister showed up and we headed back to my place to change and head to dinner.

Dinner was a mild disaster. I didn’t make reservations… so we found another place. A friend joined us and we had nice conversation and good wine. After dinner we headed out to a club to listen to some DJs. Again, drinking, dancing, and fun.

Saturday was a real disaster. Both my sister and I got sick. She was hung over and I came down with a serious sinus thing. I spent the day blowing my nose and she spent the day with a headache and upset stomach. Neither of us felt bad cuz at least we were sick together. The boy was SUPER sweet. He made us oatmeal and bought me kleenex and tried to make us as comfortable as possible.

Sunday I was feeling a little better. I needed to get out of the house. I was getting cabin fever. We went for brunch and headed to the Field Museum. We walked leisurely around and had fun looking at mummies and T-Rex skulls. Then we walked to Navy Pier. The fog rolled in pretty fast once we were there. We had planned to have drinks at the Signature Room in the Hancock Building, but since it was so foggy… it didn’t sound like a great idea.  We headed back to my place and changed and went for sushi!!!! My Favorite! YUMMY!

My sister left this morning. I have to admit, I’m kinda jealous of her. She’s so nice and the men just drop at her feet. I’m more cynical and don’t fall for stuff like that. Her and the Boy have lots in common. They like the same music, have had a lot of the same experiences, and have skads to talk about. I have to admit at times I felt like the third wheel. That’s the dangerous thing about jealousy. I’m happy that they get along…. but sometimes I think they get a long too well. And now I’m feeling like crap. Why can’t I be sweet and kind and wonderful like my sister? Well, for one, she spends her life making cancer patients and other people feel better. She gets to take away thier pain. what do I do? I work for a company that slings porn! I tried to get into the medical feild, but it just didn’t pay enough. I like my job and I’m good at it…. but sometimes…. …..

I hate being jealous.

Live Long and Prosper!