I have nothing to write today. So, you’ll get the boring details of my night last night.

I got home and made a killer chocolate cake for the Boy for his birthday, Then I played Spore until I got bored. I played for a long time. The boy kept coming in and telling me what to do… That got a little annoying, but I advanced all on my own! 😀 yay me!

He sat out in the living/bedroom watching TV. I asked what he was up to and he said “reading your blog”. I looked up at him and smiled… I wanted to ask what he thought of it. But I knew he was joking…

I finished up on the game and headed to bed where I proceeded to sleep until I was woken up by music…. I scared the shit out of him at 4am cuz he didn’t expect me out of bed. lol Poor guy. He didn’t sleep at all.

And that was my night. I hate leaving in the morning cuz I just want to hang out with him.

Bored….. bored….. bored…..

Live Long and Prosper!

Bonus Link I saw this site on THIS blog site! I think it’s a marvelous idea!!!