My birthday is this weekend. I will be the big 30. My birthdays NEVER go as planned. Well, since I turned 22 my birthdays have sucked the big one.

My 22nd birthday I lived with a house of guys. They were cool in the fact that they stocked our bar with alcohol, invited a bunch of people to a party, but then proceeded to get pissy and kicked everyone out before 11pm.

My 23rd Birthday I took a trip with a friend that I no longer speak to… in all intents and purposes she’s dead to me. She used me for my car so she could see her boyfriend. I got a flat tire at 1am. My ex who lived in the town we were visiting was fucking around with some other girl… when he knew that I was coming to see him. It was a friends with benefits kinda thing. We were high school sweethearts, long story there…. He didn’t come out for drinks on my birthday, and I haven’t seen or spoken to him since. I had to sleep in a room where someone had saved every cigarette butt he had ever smoked… and it smelled like it. I was home by 8:30pm on my birthday and spent the night in tears on the couch watching Adult Swim.(the one good thing that came out of this was I learned about Cowboy Bebop!) On the way home… a 12 hour trip…. I got pulled over twice and got one ticket. Didn’t have money for the toll bridge, and missed two days of class due to the flat tire that I had to use my money to fix, and paid for all the fucking gas! I wonder why I kept that girl around for so long… she was poison and a fucking leech!

My 24th thru 27th birthday was spent at home with my parents. No celebration, they all passed unknowingly. Quiet….

My 28th Birthday was my first birthday in Chicago. My purse got stolen out of a friends car. I spent the day replacing what I lost, glasses(still not replaced), prescription(luckily got replaced), make up(a small fortune to replace), a NICE bag(replaced with a cheap thing.). Thankfully I had all my cards and IDs on my person at the time.

My 29th birthday was right after I broke up with the boy. We had brunch one day that weekend and he offered to buy me a present of my choosing… I declined. It didn’t feel right. A few weeks later he bought me a box fan to cool off my new apartment.

So, needless to say… my birthdays never go the way I want them too. I’m scared to get excited because I know that I will make these elaborate plans and no one will show up. It will be just my sister and probably the boy. How depressing! I still plan on telling everyone that I am out getting wasted and dancing my ass off… but I fear that no one will be there but the three of us. I mean, there is no one in the world that I would like to spend my birthday with than those two… but I would still like to whoop it up with some other friends!

Live Long and Prosper!