First thing I heard when I woke up this morning was that Merrill Lynch was bought out by BOA and Lehman Brothers went bankrupt! GRRRRREAAAT! What a way to start a week! Fuck.

Friday was my monthly wax. I had to cancel cuz my cat does not like the boy at my place. To make his feelings known, he poops everywhere! GRRRRREAAAAT! Friday night was spent cleaning up cat poop! EVERYWHERE! 😦 Try to explain to someone who doesn’t know shit about animals, how animalshow feelings. It’s fucking frustrating as all hell! It was the only time that I really wanted to kick the boy out of my place. I tried to ask him nicely, out of respect for me, please leave them alone. *sigh* He didn’t. Now this is what I have to put up with. I’m super anal about my place not smelling like cat… well, for the past couple of days, it has.

Saturday I rescheduled my wax. It was raining. Crazy raining. Friggin’ Ike! I take off, leaving the boy still sleeping and my cats, I prayed, relaxed under the bed. I got to my stop and some guy comes at me saying “Fucking Cunt! God Damn Whore!” Whoa! What? You talking to me?  That threw me off a bit, I just kept walking and kept a careful eye behind me. *shivers* ick!

I get home about 2 hours later, with Subway sandwiches in tow. I sit down to enjoy my nice footlong and what do I see, my cat, coming from the kitchen covered in his own crap! FUCK! Now I’m pissed. I throw him in the bathroom, clean up the kitchen and then throw the cat in the tub.

Sunday was pretty quiet. I didn’t go to church. I didn’t want to go out in the rain again. I hung out, watched the last episode of Weeds(season finale tonight!!!), watched Six Feet Under… Good show!, and did dishes. We pretty much just hung out, played video games and relaxed. I FINALLY got laundry done and got a good portion of my apartment reorganized, I can actually see my couch now! 🙂

Well, the one thing I can be happy for. My 650 credit score looks pretty fucking sweet to the banks right about now! LOL