In response to a comment made by one of my loyal commentators, Tim, I am going to start a Favorites entry. This will be a photo journal with a small explanation of why that particular item is my favorite. I will start out with this picture because I am feeling randy today! lol

This is my favorite view in the morning. The boy stayed over this day. We spent all morning cuddling and watching Home Movies on my laptop!(another favorite) See that lamp next to the bed? He got that for me! It’s a crappy bed but has memories! lol Looks like we got all rough and tumble, don’t it! 😉 (sorry, I hate that term don’t it is like fingers on a chalk board for me. That and You’s guys! *shivers with disgust*) Now, look at my picture and picture me naked, bitches! LOL 😉

and to steal from Beau… check out this bonus link!