I am a charmer. I am smart. I have a pretty smile and incredible eyes. I can laugh at myself and I think I have  a gift of making people feel comfortable. When it comes to clients or salesmen, they are captivated by me. I know this sounds pompous, it’s not meant to be. I’m just stating something that I just figured out.

I have had struggles with AT&T in my business life AND my personal life. I had to switch cell phone carriers because I wasn’t getting the service I thought I should get for what I was paying.

Yesterday, our office phones went down. Being the office manager… along with office mommy and psychologist, I was in charge of getting it back on. Our phone service is through a third party provider. which sucks, cuz this means that they rent their lines through AT&T. ARGH!

So, AT&T sent a tech out yesterday to fix the problem. Great… Plus, the guy was a lingerer. Women, do you know the type? He lingers, trying to figure out a way to open the conversation and get around to asking you out. Those people annoy me. There is no game at all. The guy was nice and all, but I could see where it was going. Thankfully, once the phones were back on, I didn’t have time to chit chat, and he left. But not with out calling my office one last time! (low grumble) arrrrr….

On to today. Some reps from AT&T came to my office. They listened to my story, I told them about the past problems and how bad I think AT&T is… but I was very nice about it… even though inside I was having a serious anxiety attack. They stuck around for over an hour chatting me up about my service and what not. This service call did not have to take so long. I smiled and batted my eye lashes… looked at the cute young one and wondered what that thing was on his neck. I thought about the weak lines the little dude was using to flirt with me and figured he’d been out of the scene for a while. I smiled and batted some more… Finally, after the 20th handshake, they left.

That was when I realized that I’m a charming person!

Live Long and Prosper!